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L T Panel

Main LT Panel/PCC Panel Main LT panel/PCC with single /Multiple Incomers, bus couplers, with proper interlocking. Required protections, Fault indications, interlocking are provided. Various designs are offered in PCC like top / middle / bottom horizontal bus chambers, panel with Aluminum / Copper bus bars, top / bottom / front / rear cable termination, combinations of APFC part with PCC. Required facilities like DG incomer with AMF functions, Cut-Off of non essential feeders at the event of failure.
» Power Control Center (Pcc)
» Motor Control Center (MCC)
» Main LT Panel ( MVDB )
» Automatic Power Factor Correction Control Panel ( APFC )
» POWER Distribution/Control Panel
» Change Over Panel
» Automatic Mains Failure Control Panel ( AMF )
» Temperature Control Panel
» Auto Transfor Switch Control Panel (ATS)